Hilton London Bankside

We review the Hilton London Bankside hotel near the Southwark Tube Station on the Jubilee line.

AUTHOR: Gordon McNevin

We do a quick review of the latest Hilton London hotel in Bankside near the Southwark Jubliee line tube station. Here is what we think!

Hilton London Bankside - Restaurant

The restaurant was good, the food came promptly with a smile with every serving. The mood was just right, slightly chatty in the background. The steak was very naked and a few vegetables would be great. I went with a good helping of mash that was quite enough. Peppercorn sauce was perfectly ok.

Good selection of wines and beers to be looked over, and eventually drank!

Service was friendly, prompt and kept on top of things with just the right amount of effort without the intrusion.

Hilton London Bankside - Room

The room was big enough for everything I needed. Shower was easy to use although a little difficult to enter (think deep bath, awkward screen and nothing to grab on to). Well lit bathroom, big mirror, clean. Everything you would expect from a Hilton bathroom really. Always nice to see a good functioning iron and ironing board as we all hate requesting one or noticing one isn't there when we need it.

I would say the biggest weakness is the room (if you’re picky like me). The bathroom was ok but the shower/bath was difficult to get in and out off as the bath was raised and deep and there was no rail to use to assist when things get slippy after. Ended up using the towel rail that was above the bath. This was sturdy enough so maybe this was the intended hand support too? The shower was refreshingly very easy to use, turn left (towards the shower for shower, right for bath) while the separate temperature knob could be set and forget for the next time with no adjustment. The only full length mirror was inside the small doors of the wardrobe. There was no usb facilities in the room at all so this was missed near the desk and the night stands. The power plug was at the oposite side of the room to the desk which was a problem if you’ve not got a longer power cord for your laptop. The sink area was superb with a large fog free mirror and another magnification mirror to the right with a ring light. Power plugs just below.

UPDATE: Just found the main power section for the desk area. It’s a good idea though still no usb output sadly. I didn’t know what it was at first so explored. Again, good little touch but wasted if I don’t know it was there.

TIP: How about a quick room guide left on the bed on where to quickly find stuff and how the ‘room works’. Simple and very cost effective. I don’t always have time to hunt round for everything.

The room was quite dim sadly with yellow lights above the night stands, in front of the television and above the desk area. But have to give points for the light hanging over the desk area as was a big help. On the plus side I love the idea of the personal night lights at each side of the bed. Just pull them out to turn on, replace to turn off. This means there is no mistake of turning any other light on in the middle of the night.

Hot drink making facilities was standard but effective. Only two English Breakfast bags while 4 peppermint. 2 or more of everything really such as tumblers, wine glasses, cups, shortbread, etc. Fridge was a pull out draw with 2 bottles of water chilling away. No idea if these where complimentary or not. But, the fridge was a great size if you wanted to store anything for later consumption.

But overall the room was superbly clean

Hilton London Bankside - Bar

Bar: the bar shined the quality of the hotel. Tested with leaving my phone and drink on the bar to visit the restroom, returned to find drink covered with a napkin, was a nice touch. Staff superb again. Tested with ordering a generic drink of two of the same name, quered the order and the bar staff insisted on replacement, while I insisted to keep. Very nice staff on the night of the 24 Oct.

Hilton London Bankside - Gym

The gym was small but always welcomed and enough for 3 threadmills, two bikes, two multigyms and a few other machines. Well ventilated, good towels, plenty of cold water. Again, the Hilton standard. Very much on the better side for a hotel gym.

Hilton London Bankside - Elevators

The elevators: I stayed on the first floor and the elevators where fantastic as could be. Speedy, clean, there or local when you needed them.

Hilton London Bankside - Location

Location: Around the hotel you had pretty much everything you’d need including the choice of 2 coffee shops, 2 local grocery stores, pubs, restaurants etc. Good distance from the nearest tube station which was 5 minutes for the average walker, 3 mins for full speed.

Hilton London Bankside - Staff

The staff are the jewel of the hotel with very friendly lobby assistants, checkin staff and gym attendants. The restaurant staff where particularly great and superbly good at their roles. Small improvements could consist off if you see an empty glass ask me as took a while to get the attention for a refill. The was a little confusion at breakfast though, but in all honestly this could have been purely my fault. Was shown to my table and then told to ‘please enjoy the buffet’. I didn’t know exactly what was included in my breakfast as an omelette would have been nice but no idea on the ordering process or anything else. Was kind of left in the dark at this point. After I got my food I was greeted by a lady offering water and juice so maybe if the lady didn’t see any food she would have informed me on how everything worked. Probably my fault here. Morning of the 24th.


The Hilton London Bankside hotel was a superb choice in a great location for my conference in London for 3 nights in October 2017 and I would go back there in a heart beat. The staff are absolutly superb and the facilities fit all my needs and probably many others. A few tweaks here and there could make it the perfect hotel so I hope someone at Hilton read this review and puts them forward for consideration. But even if the tweaks are not addressed it would still be my first choice if I needed to stay near that certain location in London for the foreseeable future.